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2002 Editors' Choice - HiFi+ Magazine

2002 Editor's ChoiceHiFi+, Issue 22: pg 33

2003 Product of the Year - HiFi+ Magazine

2002 Product of the YearHiFi+, Issue 143: pg 101

2002 Editors' Choice - Absolute Sound Magazine

2003 Editor's ChoiceThe Absolute Sound, Issue 144: pg 63

2003 Golden Ear Award - Absolue Sound Magazine

2003 Golden Ear AwardThe Absolute Sound, Issue 145: pg 62


Stereophile "The Tri-Planar's ability to resolve low level detail was superb, and its tonal balance and frequency extensions were exemplary. In every way, it remains one of the world's premier arms."

-Stereophile July 2001 Vol. 24 No. 7: pages 33-35.

The Absolute Sound"[The Tri-Planar Ultimate Mk. VII] removes colorations... but leaves the 'lushness' and 'sweetness' of the music in a field of the highest resolve and definition."

- Harry Pearson, "Recommended Products," The Absolute Sound Issue 144, October/November 2003: page 63.